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Table T1. Primary and alternate proposed sites, Expedition 339. (See table note.)

Site Latitude Longitude Water depth (mbsl) Penetration (mbsf) Estimated
SHACK- 4A 37°34.29′N 10°7.57′W 2578 150 Pleistocene
GC-01A 36°49.69′N 7°45.33′W 566 526 Quaternary
GC-09A 36°48.32′N 7°43.14′W 567 784 Pliocene
GC-04B 36°15.42′N 6°48.27′W 686 1139 Pliocene
GC-05B 36°25.67′N 7°14.24′W 660 650 Pliocene
GC-02B 36°19.04′N 7°43.08′W 980 433 late Pliocene
WI-01B 37°21.54′N 9°24.66′W 1074 675 Pliocene
GC-10A 36°15.27′N 6°48.00′W 686 991 Pliocene
GC-11A 36°25.52′N 7°16.68′W 660 650 Pliocene

Note: All penetration depths are pending approval from the Environmental Protection and Safety Panel. Penetration depths in parentheses refer to maximum target depths at the site and are also dependent on time availability during the expedition. These maximum target depths are not included in the primary operations plan (Table T2).