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Figure AF19. Close-up navigation map of proposed primary Site GOA18-2A (56.96°N, 147.11°W; water depth = 4177 m; target depth = 780 mbsf) and alternate Site GOAL-18A, which is a redrill of DSDP Site 178, showing seismic reflection Profiles MGL1109MCS01 (Fig. AF21), L-6-81 Line 678-04/05 (Fig. AF22) and MGL1109MCS14 (Fig. AF24). GOAL-18A is located at the LORAN position of DSDP Site 178. Seismic Line L-6-81 attempted to cross Site 178, and with LORAN positioning precision of ~500 m may cross the drill site. GOAL-18A is closest to line MGL1109MCS01 (Shot point 1423).

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