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Table T1. Interpreted horizons on shelf seismic profiles (Worthington et al., 2010). Horizon color after Zellers (1995).

Horizon Age
Definition Color References
H1 ~1 Mid-Pleistocene Transition (MPT)—local angular erosional unconformity created by shelfal glacial advance Violet Worthington et al. (2008); Berger et al. (2008a)
H2 ~1.8–1 Arbitrary time marker Blue
H3 1.8 Pliocene–Pleistocene transition Yellow Zellers (1995)
H4 ~5.9 Yakataga Poul Creek contact; generally defines onset of glaciation Green Zellers (1995)
H5   Acoustic basement; contact between shelf sediment and Yakutat basement crust Purple

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