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Figure F6. Location of proposed drill sites. Red diamonds denote primary sites (U1381, CRIS-9A, U1380, and CRIS-13B) and yellow diamonds denote alternate and contingency sites (U1378, CRIS-12B, U1379, CRIS-14A, CRIS-15B, CRIS-19A, and CRIS-20A). Small black circles show seismicity recorded by Sismologica Nacional (RSN) in the period 1992–2007. Red circles show aftershocks from the 2002 Osa event, and beige circles show aftershocks from the 1999 Quepos event. Red lines = 3-D seismic survey, black lines = seismic reflection lines, blue circles = xbt drops. The numbers along the short and long axis of the 3-D survey represent inlines and xlines, respectively.

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