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Figure F3. Schematic diagram of planned operations in Hole C0002F. The ultimate total depth of Hole C0002F is planned for ~5200 mbsf, with the megasplay reflector depth (green dashed line) assumed at ~5000 mbsf. Expedition 348 targets are (1) 13⅜ inch casing shoe at 2300 mbsf (red) and either (2A) 11¾ inch casing shoe depth at ~3600 mbsf (red) or (2B) 9⅝ inch casing shoe to ~4400 mbsf (red and black striped). Open hole coring (blue) will extend below the planned casing depth. Future operations include deepening the hole (black) to the top of oceanic crust (blue dashed line) and coring. Green = previously drilled and cased sections. LTBMS = long-term borehole monitoring system, BSR = bottom-simulating reflector, IL = in-line, VE = vertical exaggeration.

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