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Table T3. Expedition 349 operations plan, primary sites.

All sites approved to basement plus 100 m. Environmental Protection and Safety Panel (EPSP) number given is estimated sediment coverage plus 100 m of basement. APCT-3 measurements to be taken on advanced piston corer (APC) sections on Cores 4H, 7H, 10H, and 13H. Nonmagnetic coring equipment to be used wherever possible (both APC and rotary core barrel [RCB] hole sections). FlexIT orientation tool to be deployed on all APC hole sections starting at Core 1H. Mechanical bit release to be run with all RCB bottom-hole assemblies. XCB = extended core barrel, FFF = free-fall funnel, POOH = pull out of hole, RIH = run in hole, FMS = Formation MicroScanner.

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