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Table T3. Acronyms and units used for downhole wireline tools and measurements.

Tool Output Description Unit
LEH-MT   Logging equipment head with tension and mud temperature  
MTEM Borehole fluid temperature °C
TENS Cablehead tension lb
EDTC   Enhanced Digital Telemetry Cartridge  
GR Total gamma ray gAPI
ECGR Environmentally corrected gamma ray gAPI
EHGR High-resolution environmentally corrected gamma ray gAPI
MTEM Borehole fluid temperature °C
HLDS   Hostile Environment Litho-Density Sonde  
RHOM Bulk density g/cm3
PEFL Photoelectric effect barn/e
LCAL Caliper (measure of borehole diameter) Inch
DRH Bulk density correction g/cm3
HRLA   High-Resolution Laterolog Array  
RLAXXX Apparent resistivity from computed focusing Mode XXX Ωm
RT True resistivity Ωm
MRES Borehole fluid resistivity Ωm
MTT   Modular Temperature Tool  
WTEP Borehole fluid temperature °C
GPIT   General Purpose Inclinometry Tool  
DEVI Hole deviation Degrees
HAZI Hole azimuth Degrees
Fx, Fy, Fz Earth’s magnetic field (three orthogonal components) Degrees
Ax, Ay, Az Acceleration (three orthogonal components) m/s2
DSI   Dipole Sonic Imager  
DTCO Compressional wave slowness µs/ft
DTSM Shear wave slowness µs/ft
DT1 Shear wave slowness, lower dipole µs/ft
DT2 Shear wave slowness, upper dipole µs/ft
VSI   Versatile Seismic Imager  
1WTT Acoustic traveltime s
MSS   Magnetic susceptibility  
LSUS Magnetic susceptibility, deep reading Uncalibrated units

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