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We thank the following for their professionalism, hard work, and dedication to Expedition 302: Fleet Managers Captains Anders Backman and Anders Vikström; Ship Masters Captains Tomas Årnell, Jørgen E. Haave, and Stanislav Smith and their crews; SPRS Director Anders Karlqvist; Logistics Officer Ulf Hedman; Operations Manager Alister Skinner and the ESO team; Seacore Drilling Supervisor Tony Halliday and his team; Ice Manager Arno Keinonen and his team; Meteorologists Bertil Larsen and Sandy Olsson; Helicopter Pilot Sven Stenvall and his team; IT and Communications Manager Per Frejvall; and Eriksson Response’s Ingemar Pomlin. Thanks also to Dave Huey for his real-time advice and support, Harry Hoggeboom and Marius Lengkeek, who provided technical advice and moral support in the early planning stages, and Bruce Colbourne, Larry Mayer, and G. Leon Holloway for their constructive reviews.