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We wish to thank the crew of the R/V JOIDES Resolution, including Captains Alex Simpson and Pete Mowat, Drilling Superintendents Wayne Malone and Tim McCown, and Operations Superintendents Ron Grout and Mike Storms, for their outstanding efforts to make IODP Expedition 303/306 a successful experience from both scientific and personal perspectives. Mitchell Malone played a very critical role in the organization of Expedition 303/306 and his efficiency and good humor in sometimes difficult circumstances were much appreciated. He also gave us the benefit of his experience and expertise as Staff Scientist on Expedition 303. Greg Mountain lent his help to the acquisition and organization of site survey data during and after Cruise KN166-14 of the R/V Knorr, and Bruce Malfait at the National Science Foundation facilitated cruise operations. David Piper provided site survey data for Site U1302/U1303. The personnel of the IODP core repository in Bremen (particularly Walter Hale and Alex Wuelbers) are thanked for their expert coordination of core handling, storage, and shore-based sampling. The IODP staff at College Station is thanked for coordination of shipboard operations, sampling strategy, data storage, and manuscript editing.