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Expedition 307 sailed from Dublin, Ireland, within 5 months of being scheduled and only 10 days were initially scheduled for science operations. We thank the staff at the U.S. Implementing Organization (USIO) for all their help with expedition preparations, especially with such tight time and planning constraints, for the 2 extra days of ship time wrangled out of the port call, and for the last minute effort to obtain permission to drill one extra, but critical, hole. We would like to sincerely thank Eibhlin Doyle at the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) for all her help and the GSI for graciously hosting our preexpedition workshop. The success of Expedition 307 lies in large part with the “can-do” attitude and skill of the JOIDES Resolution IODP and TransOcean staff. Roy Davis and his staff are thanked for their ever helpful, critical, and friendly assistance in all of the laboratories. In particular, we thank Paula Weiss, who patiently managed the ever-looming chaos induced by unorthodox core-flow and sample demands. The Catermar staff provided a friendly home away from home. We heartily thank Captain Simpson and his crew, and it was a pleasure working with Darryl Schoeder, the operations superintendent. We dearly appreciate the efforts of drilling superintendent Wayne Malone, core technicians Joe “Bubba” Attryde and Phil Christie, and the drillers and tool pushers for their sterling work on the rig floor right up to the last second. The short duration of the expedition and special core-splitting demands provided extra burdens far beyond the normal curatorial duties of the staffs of both the Gulf Coast and Bremen Core Repositories. We very much appreciate their efforts.