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Faaa: Sites M0019 and M00201

Expedition 310 Scientists2


Hole M0019A

After arriving at Faaa from Hole M0018A (Maraa), the DP Hunter was positioned above Hole M0019A in 58 m water depth. All clearances with airport and seaport authorities were double checked before occupying the new location, which was closest to the visible reef so far. A seabed camera survey was run, and no live corals were observed. Seacore’s drilling and reentry template (DART) was lowered and drilled in, and coring operations in Hole M0019A began at 2320 h on 4 November 2005. Coring was completed at 2400 h on 5 November at a total depth (TD) of 66.96 meters below seafloor (mbsf) and with a total recovery of 41.12%. Penetration was rapid, but recovery was poor. Checks of the Jean Lutz automatic drilling recorder data confirmed the driller’s view that there were significant void spaces throughout. When the penetration rate reduced to below 10 m/h, indicating more solid material, core was usually obtained.

Hole M0020A

Prior to coring in Hole M0020A, the DART was retrieved and a short echo sounder survey was conducted 50 m north of Hole M0019A to locate a site for Hole M0020A. The chosen site was checked using the tautwire, and the DART and drill pipe were deployed in 83 m water depth. Coring operations began in Hole M0020A at 1200 h on 6 November 2005 and continued until 1220 h on 7 November to a TD of 42.16 mbsf. Total recovery was 70.45%.

The DP Hunter departed the Faaa area at 1320 h on 7 November and proceeded to Site M0021 (Tiarei area).

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2 Expedition 310 Scientists’ addresses.

Publication: 4 March 2007
MS 310-110