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This research was supported by German Science Foundation (DFG) Grants Vi 133/9-1 and Vi 133/9-2, U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant OCE-0326699 to University of California, Santa Cruz (A.T.F.), and Joint Oceanographic Institutions/IODP (A.M.T.). The authors benefited enormously from the guidance provided by engineering, operations, and technical support personnel of the IODP–United States Implementing Organization (USIO) Science Operator at Texas A&M University. In particular, Peter Kannberg, Mike Meiring, and Randy Gjesvold went out of their way to accommodate this new addition to the pool of downhole tools for Expedition 311. We also thank the captain and the crew of the JOIDES Resolution, without whom this research would not have been possible. Robert Collier helped with the calibration tests in the temperature controlled tank at Oregon State University.