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Table T2. Summary of lithostratigraphic units, Hole M0027A. (See table note.)

Unit Core, section,
interval (cm)
DSF (m)
Depositional environment Age
Unit I 1H-1, 0, to 57H-2, 43 0.00–167.74 Fluvial, estuarine, coastal plain, and marine late Pleistocene–late Miocene
Subunit IA 1H-1, 0, to 14H-1, 71 0.00–26.29 Shoreface to shoreface–offshore transition  
Subunit IB 14H-1, 71, to 34X-1, 0 26.29–70.92 Littoral to fluvial and coastal plain?  
Subunit IC 34X-1, 0, to 49H-1, 66 70.92–92.93 Estuarine and coastal plain?  
Subunit ID 49H-1, 66, to 57H-2, 43 92.93–167.74 Fluvial (channel and floodplain), minor shoreface  
Unit II 57H-2, 48, to 83R-2, 126 167.74–236.16 Channel-fills, transgressive shoreface, shoreface–offshore
transition, and offshore
middle Miocene (Langhian)
Unit III 83R-2, 126, to 102R-2, 105 236.16–295.01 Shoreface–offshore transition to offshore with strong
storm influence, minor shoreface
early middle–late early Miocene (early Langhian–late
Unit IV 102R-2, 105, to 116R-1, 77 295.01–335.93 Offshore, shoreface–offshore transition, and minor
middle early Miocene (mid-Burdigalian)
Unit V 116R-1, 77, to 125R-CC, 12 335.93–355.72 Poorly constrained, rollover middle early Miocene (early–middle Burdigalian)
Unit VI 125R-CC, 12, to 170R-1, 109 355.72–488.75 Clinoform abandonment and outbuilding middle early Miocene (late Aquitanian–early Burdigalian)
Subunit VIA 125R-CC, 12, to 145-2, 120 355.72–414.11 Shoreface–offshore transition to shoreface to foreshore  
Subunit VIB 145R-2, 120, to 170R-1, 109 414.11–488.75 Deepwater toe-of-slope apron (inferred from seismic context)
to offshore
Unit VII 170R-1, 109, to 223R-1, 69 488.75–625.60 Distal and proximal clinoform toe-of-slope aprons early Miocene (early Aquitanian)–late early Oligocene
Subunit VIIA 170R-1, 109, to 175R-3, 10 488.75–499.91 Debrite and turbidite toe-of-slope apron/channel-fill  
Subunit VIIB 175R-3, 10, to 223R-1, 69 499.91–625.60 Deepwater distal clinoform apron  
Unit VIII 223R-1, 69, to 224R-3, 19 625.60–631.15 Offshore late Eocene?

Note: Bold text indicates generalized features of entire lithostratigraphic unit.

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