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Table T2. Lithostratigraphic summary, Site U1351. (See table note.)

Age Interval Depth
(decreasing order of importance)
I Holocene–Pleistocene to early Pliocene U1351A-1H through 6H 0–28.1 Mud, sandy mud, shell hash, sand, muddy sand
U1351B-1H through transition zone 0–262*
I/II early Pliocene U1351B-29X-CC, 33 cm, to 36X-1, 0 cm 247–300 Transition zone
II early Pliocene to late Miocene Transition zone to U1351B-116X-CC, 44 cm 262*–1024.4 Sandy mud, muddy sand, mud, sand (sandstone), shell hash (limestone)

Note: * = tentative; see options in text.

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