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Table T24. Thermal conductivity data, Site U1351. (See table note.)

Hole Measurement (N) Depth
CSF-A (m)
Lab-measured thermal conductivity
(harmonic mean/range; W/[m·K])
Good* Total Laboratory In situ
U1351A 11 19 0.3–27.9 1.474/0.962–2.233 1.467/0.959–2.215
U1351B 107 212 0.7–1004.9

Note: * = thermal conductivity data were discarded when (1) contact between the probe and sediment was poor, (2) thermal conductivity was close to that of water (0.6 W/[m·K]) because of sediment dilution during coring, or (3) measurements were taken in caved-in layers such as shell hash.

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