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Table T4. Palynology, Hole U1358B. (See table notes.)

Core, section,
interval (cm)
Depth (mbsf) Abundance Preservation Dinocysts Sporomorphs Acritarchs Foraminifer test linings Black phytoclasts Brown phytoclasts Amorphous organic matter Saccate pollen Nothofagus pollen Other pollen Spores Fungal spores Reworked sporomorphs Brigantedinium spp.
Top Bottom
3R-CC, 6 21.4 21.4 A M T A B B B F B C B F A B 30 2

Notes: Abundance: A = abundant, C = common, F = few, T = trace, B = barren. Preservation: M = medium. See “Biostratigraphy” in the “Methods” chapter for abundance and preservation definitions.

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