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Figure F11. Photomicrographs of smear slides taken across the Eocene–Oligocene transition, Site U1334. Panels are arranged in stratigraphic order (increasing age top to bottom). See "Site U1334 smear slides" in "Core descriptions" for full descriptions. Left image = plane-polarized light, right image = cross-polarized light. A. Nannofossil ooze (Sample 320-U1334B-26X-5, 41 cm). B. Clayey nannofossil ooze with radiolarians (Sample 320-U1334B-26X-6, 141 cm). C. Nannofossil ooze with clay (Sample 320-U1334B-27X-4, 26 cm). D. Radiolarian claystone (Sample 320-U1334B-27X-5, 77 cm).

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