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Table T5. Normalization factors for calculation of relative mineral abundance using bulk powder X-ray diffraction analysis. (See table note.)

Affected mineral
in standard mixture:
Normalization factor
Total clay Quartz Plagioclase Calcite
Influencing mineral:
Total clay 9.8956702E–03 –1.5889532E–04 –2.8855808E–04 –7.3842803E–04
Quartz –4.7221169E–05 5.8782392E–04 –4.7869325E–05 –3.1098843E–05
Plagioclase 7.2794763E–04 –4.2840613E–05 1.3719777E–03 –3.6005495E–05
Calcite 4.2042411E–05 3.3021188E–06 –4.1329499E–06 1.3071455E–03

Note: Singular value decomposition was used to compute factors, following Fisher and Underwood (1995).

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