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Table T3. List of sampling codes from piston and multicore samples.

Sample code Recipient Sample Sampling unit Storage temperature (°C)
ARC URI Archive 60 cm3 syringe –80
BIOM GFZ (Kallmeyer) Biomarkers 60 cm3 syringe –80
CELL URI (Kallmeyer) Cell counts 1 cm3 syringe Fix
CDUST URI (Smith) Cosmic dust Occasional extra whole-round sections 20
CULAP MPI (Puschell) Cultivation 10 cm3 syringe 4
EXP MPI (Ferdelman) Experiments 60 cm3 syringe 4
GAMMA MPI (Ferdelman) Gamma ray spectroscopy ~50 g taken postsampling and bagged 20
GRAMP URI (Forschner) Cultivation 3 and 10 cm3 syringes 4
H2 URI (Smith) Dissolved hydrogen 3 cm3 in vials 20
HYD URI (Soffientino) Hydrogenase 3 cm3 syringe 4
IW URI (Spivack) Interstitial water Whole round 4
MICAP MPI (Puschell) Cell counts 3 cm3 syringe Fix
MIN CalTech (Harrison) Cell-sediment 30 and 5 cm3 syringes –80 and fix
MNN USC (Horn) Mn nodule NA NA
RHIZ URI (Spivack) Rhizon interstitial water sample 20 mL syringe 4
SBI USC (Horn) Cell-basalt 30 cm3 syringe NA
SPC MPI (Ferdelman) Solid-phase chemistry 60 cm3 syringe –20
TAG MBL (Smith) 16S tag sequencing 60 cm3 syringe –80
UNC-A UNC (Durbin) 16S DNA and RNA 60 cm3 syringe –80
UNC-M UNC (Lever) Functional genes 60 cm3 syringe –80

URI = University of Rhode Island, GFZ = German Research Centre for Geosciences, MPI = Max-Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, CalTech = California Institute of Technology, USC = University of Southern California, UNC = University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. NA = not applicable.

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