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Table T4. General scheme for subsampling multicores.

MUC Code Analysis/Use Notes
1 CULT Cultivation Section and distribute for cultivation studies.
2 EXP Experimental N, S, H Section and slurry for 15N, 35S, and 3H experiments.
3 DCC Direct cell counts: AODC/FISH Section and distribute for cell counting, CARD-FISH others, H2 sample.
4 MOL Molecular work Section and freeze at –80°C for molecular work.
5 IW Interstitial water chemistry Section for three or more interstitial water depths.
6 SPC/O2 Solid-phase chemistry and O2 distributions Run electrode profiler for surface O2 concentration and subcore surface for fine-scale geochemistry.
7 LPP Lithology, physical properties Extrude into split sleeve. Deliver to multisensor track and then to Geology.
8 ARC Archive Section surface and three depths; freeze at –80°C.
  OW Overlying water Deep water overlying the surface sediment from individual cores or pooled from several cores.

MUC = multicore sample. AODC = acridine orange direct count, CARD-FISH = catalyzed reporter deposition–fluorescence in situ hybridization.

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