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Table T5. Subsampling scheme and treatments for KNOX-02RR postcruise interstitial water studies.

Analysis Sample size (mL) Treatment
Cations 0.75 Stored at 4°C
NH4 4.5 45 µL Optima HCl
δ15N of dissolved NO3 and/or NH4 4.5 (×2) Frozen at –10°C
DOC, DON, carbohydrates, dissolved amino acids, fatty acids, δ13C of DOC 3.5 (×2) Frozen at –10°C
δ13C of DIC 3.5 10 µL HgCl2
DIC 2 10 µL HgCl2, flushed with N2 for 2 min, inverted and frozen at –10°C
He 1 (in copper tubing) Room temperature
Dissolved Fe, Mn, and PO4 4.5 45 µL Optima HNO3
Squeezed sediment NA Frozen at –10°C

NA = not applicable. DOC = dissolved organic carbon, DON = dissolved organic nitrogen, DIC = dissolved inorganic carbon.

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