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Table T3. Perfluorocarbon tracer (PFT) concentration results, Holes U1366D and U1366F.

Lithology Coring
Exterior Interior
(ngPFT/g) (µLDF/g) (Cells/g) (ngPFT/g) (µLDF/g) (Cells/g)
1H-1 1.0 Metalliferous clay Slightly BD BD BD BD BD BD
1H-3 4.0 Metalliferous clay None BD BD BD BD BD BD
1H-5 7.0 Metalliferous clay None BD BD BD BD BD BD
2H-1 10.4 Metalliferous clay None BD BD BD BD BD BD
2H-3 13.4 Metalliferous clay None BD BD BD 4.55E–04 4.60E–03 1
1H-1 1.5 Metalliferous clay None 1.06E–03 1.04E–02 2 7.88E–03 7.88E–02 13
1H-2 2.6 Metalliferous clay None 8.68E–02 8.60E–01 146 1.55E–03 1.52E–02 3
1H-3 3.6 Metalliferous clay None 1.19E–03 1.16E–02 2 2.35E–04 2.27E–03 0
1H-4 4.9 Metalliferous clay None 7.64E–04 7.59E–03 1 1.57E–03 1.57E–02 3
2H-1 6.1 Metalliferous clay None 1.08E–03 1.06E–02 2 4.85E–04 4.74E–03 1
2H-3 9.8 Metalliferous clay None 2.62E–04 2.61E–03 0 3.27E–04 3.26E–03 1
2H-4 10.7 Metalliferous clay None 1.99E–03 1.99E–02 3 4.84E–04 4.74E–03 1
2H-5 11.9 Metalliferous clay None 3.08E–04 3.00E–03 1 2.62E–04 2.56E–03 0
2H-6 13.4 Metalliferous clay None 4.86E–04 4.81E–03 1 BD BD BD
3H-1 14.3 Metalliferous clay Very 3.85E–03 3.79E–02 6 8.91E–03 8.79E–02 15
3H-2 15.8 Metalliferous clay None 2.06E–03 2.06E–02 4 1.66E–04 1.65E–03 0
3H-3 17.6 Metalliferous clay None BD BD BD BD BD BD
3H-4 19.6 Metalliferous clay None 2.76E–04 2.78E–03 0 6.27E–04 6.28E–03 1
3H-6 21.8 Metalliferous clay None 2.28E–03 2.25E–02 4 BD BD BD
4H-2 25.5 Metalliferous clay Very 8.05E–03 8.04E–02 14 4.02E–04 4.11E–03 1
4H-4 28.1 Metalliferous clay None BD BD BD BD BD BD
4H-5 29.8 Metalliferous clay Very 2.20E–04 2.12E–03 0 7.47E–04 7.48E–03 1

BD = below detection. DF = drilling fluid.

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