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Table T4. Perfluorocarbon tracer (PFT) concentration results, Holes U1367C and U1367D.

Lithology Coring
Exterior Interior
(ngPFT/g) (µLDF/g) (Cells/g) (ngPFT/g) (µLDF/g) (Cells/g)
1H-1 1.4 Metalliferous clay None 1.82E–04 2.16E–03 0 7.26E–03 8.23E–02 14
1H-3 4.4 Metalliferous clay None 5.81E–04 7.06E–03 1 BD BD BD
1H-5 6.9 Nannofossil ooze Slightly BD BD BD BD BD BD
2H-1 8.7 Nannofossil ooze None BD BD BD BD BD BD
2H-3 11.7 Nannofossil ooze None BD BD BD BD BD BD
2H-5 14.7 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze None NA NA NA BD BD BD
3H-2 18.2 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze None BD BD BD BD BD BD
3H-6 23.6 Nannofossil chalk Flow in; slurry BD BD BD BD BD BD
1H-1 1.5 Metalliferous clay None BD BD BD 7.84E–03 1.02E–01 17
1H-2 2.9 Metalliferous clay None 1.69E–02 3.02E–01 51 BD BD BD
1H-3 3.6 Metalliferous clay None 7.42E–03 1.06E–01 18 5.08E–04 6.60E–03 1
1H-4 4.9 Metalliferous clay None 9.02E–03 1.18E–01 20 NA NA NA
1H-5 6.5 Metalliferous clay None 6.30E–04 8.18E–03 1 BD BD BD
2H-1 7.9 Nannofossil ooze Very 4.50E–02 5.28E–01 90 1.14E–03 1.34E–02 2
2H-2 9.9 Nannofossil ooze Slightly 9.46E–03 1.25E–01 21 BD BD BD
2H-3 10.8 Nannofossil ooze Slightly BD BD BD 1.52E–02 1.90E–01 32
2H-4 12.3 Nannofossil ooze Slightly 1.27E–02 1.55E–01 26 BD BD BD
2H-5 13.7 Nannofossil ooze Slightly 7.41E–02 8.69E–01 148 1.22E–03 1.45E–02 2
2H-6 15.3 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze Slightly 3.19E–02 4.25E–01 72 1.03E–02 1.26E–01 21
3H-1 17.9 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze Slightly 2.59E–02 2.82E–01 48 1.06E–02 1.29E–01 22
3H-2 19.0 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze Slightly 1.57E–02 1.95E–01 33 BD BD BD
3H-3 20.3 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze Slightly BD BD BD 7.95E–05 9.59E–04 0
3H-3 21.3 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze None 1.41E–01 1.87E+00 317 1.38E–03 1.56E–02 3
3H-4 22.8 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze Slightly 3.08E–03 3.65E–02 6 1.94E–02 2.41E–01 41
3H-5 23.0 Clay-bearing nannofossil ooze None 3.32E–04 3.87E–03 1 BD BD BD
3H-6 25.0 Metalliferous clay None 5.69E–03 7.20E–02 12 4.45E–04 5.96E–03 1

BD = below detection, NA = not applicable. DF = drilling fluid.

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