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Figure F47. Thin section photomicrographs of veins. A, B. Millimeter-thick conjugate veins (aphyric basalt breccia) filled with calcite and zeolite (Sample 330-U1374A-18R-1, 31–33 cm; Thin Section 145): (A) plane-polarized light, (B) crossed polars. C. Submillimeter-thick vein (aphyric basalt breccia) partially filled with zeolites showing botryoidal habit (Sample 330-U1374A-21R-3, 19–21 cm; Thin Section 150; plane-polarized light). D. Millimeter-thick vein (aphyric basalt breccia) filled with minor brown clay and zeolites on wall, followed by carbonates in vein interior (Sample 330-U1374A-6R-1, 114–116 cm; Thin Section 123; plane-polarized light). E, F. Millimeter-thick vein (highly plagioclase-olivine-augite-phyric basalt, lava flow) filled with botryoidal zeolites on wall, followed by carbonates (Sample 330-U1374A-25R-2, 84–86 cm; Thin Section 162): (E) plane-polarized light, (F) crossed polars.

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