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Integrated Ocean Drilling (IODP) Site C0012 in Shikoku Basin (Holes C0012E–C0012G) penetrated almost 100 m into igneous basement and recovered the sediment/basalt interface intact around 525 meters below seafloor (mbsf; Expedition 333 Scientists, 2011). The Shikoku Basin oceanic crust was formed by backarc spreading during the time period of 15–25 Ma (Expedition 333 Scientists, 2011; Okino et al., 1994). The recovered igneous rocks are pillow lavas basalts and sheet flow basalts that were all moderately to heavily altered (Expedition 333 Scientists, 2011). The drilling cores provide the opportunity to conduct a systematic investigation of the in situ depth profile of the subducting uppermost igneous basement rocks before they reach the deformation front. This data report presents the bulk rock major and trace element compositions of the basaltic rocks and gabbros recovered during IODP Expedition 333.