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Figure F35. δ13C values of methane at Site C0020, measured on samples retrieved from Holes C0020A and C9001D. MCIA on-line mud-gas monitoring in Hole C0020A recorded δ13C values of methane with a frequency of 1 measurement/s, yielding a total of ~186,000 data points for the time intervals with mud-gas recovery (see Table T16). In general, 100–200 data points were recorded per meter of drilled sediment in Hole C0020A and the average values are plotted against depth. For comparison, δ13C-CH4 data are shown for the upper 358 mbsf of Site C0020 that result from headspace analysis of core samples taken from Hole C9001D during the Chikyu shakedown cruise (Expedition CK06-06) in 2006 (F. Inagaki et al., unpubl. data). VPDB = Vienna Peedee belemnite.

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