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Figure F11. Representative examples of primary lithologies and deformational structures pertaining to Facies 9 (intrastratal contorted mud and diamict) in lithostratigraphic Unit IV, Hole U1418F. The interval between 919 and 941 m CSF-A in this hole is interpreted as several mass transport deposits. A. Very dark greenish gray (10Y 3/1) mud mixed with very dark gray (N 3) muddy diamict with abundant clasts (interval 341-U1418F-71R-2A, 9–33 cm). B. Muddy diamict with abundant clasts (interval 341-U1418F-72R-1A, 72–87 cm). C. Slurry deposit of mud clasts in deformed mud (interval 341-U1418F-70R-1A, 20–31 cm). D. Micro-brecciated mud (interval 341-U1418F-70R-2A, 16–21 cm). E. Deformed laminated mud (interval 341-U1418F-71R-1A, 46–54 cm). F. Normal faults marked with white arrows (interval 341-U1418F-70R-2A, 71–77 cm). G. Close-up of set of very small (0.5 cm) normal faults in mud (interval 341-U1418F-70R-2A, 63–65 cm).

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