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Figure F5. A. Relative abundances of Cycladophora davisiana during the last 100 k.y. in the Bering Sea, the western subarctic Pacific (circle = Cores BOW-9A, BOW-12A, UMK-3A, and GAT-3A and Site ES [Emperor Seamount, in the subarctic Pacific]), and the Okhotsk Sea (square = Cores PC1, PC2, and PC4; data from Okazaki et al., 2003). B. Distribution patterns of Cycladophora davisiana: the present (redrawn from Lombari and Boden, 1985), marine isotope stage (MIS) 1, the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), and MIS 5-3. Arrows indicate source regions of past NPIW (Tanaka and Takahashi, 2005).

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