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Figure F8. Paleosecular variation and paleolatitude uncertainties. A. Mean and 95% paleolatitude uncertainties as a function of the number of temporally independent flow groups sampled, as based on two recent paleosecular variation models. B. Number of independent flow groups from selected DSDP/ODP sites. Hawaii–Emperor data from DSDP Leg 55 (Kono, 1980) and ODP Legs 145 (Tarduno and Cottrell, 1997) and 197 (Tarduno et al., 2003). Total number of flow units, including volcaniclastic units, are provided for the Suiko and Detroit seamounts. Kerguelen-Ninetyeast Ridge data are from ODP Legs 120 (Inokuchi and Heider, 1992), 121 (Klootwijk et al., 1991), and 183 (Antretter et al., 2002). Pacific atoll/guyot data are from ODP Legs 143 (Tarduno and Sager, 1995) and 144 (Nakanishi and Gee, 1995). Ontong Java Plateau data are from ODP Legs 130 (Mayer and Tarduno, 1993) and 192 (Riisager et al., 2003). C. Paleolatitude uncertainties versus flow group numbers, based on the same references used in (B).

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