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Figure F2. Oceanography and climate of the western Pacific (adapted from Gallagher et al., 2009). Currents (red = warm, blue = cold) are indicated. The direction (green arrows) and geographic extent of the summer monsoon (dashed green lines) are adapted from Kershaw et al. (2003). The average January position of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is shown (cf. Huang et al., 2011). Yellow stars = position of the three groups of drilling sites: northern group (NWS-1A, NWS-2A, NWS-7A, and NWS-8A), second group (NWS-3A, NWS-4A, NWS-9A, NWS-10A, and NWS-11A), and most southerly group (NWS-5A, NWS-6A, NWS-12A, and NWS-13A).

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