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Figure F3. A. Benthic foraminifer δ18O curve (LR2004) and MIS ages from Lisiecki and Raymo (2005) correlated with wells and cores in the Angel-1 region (see Fig. F1). B. Percent carbonate in Core BHC4. C, F. Oxygen isotopic data from three horizons in Core BHC4. Numerous individual foraminifers were analyzed at several horizons, and the average values for each calculated (A. Dutton, pers. comm., 2011). The values lie within the Quaternary ranges obtained from regional deep-sea studies (Wells and Wells, 1994). D. Percent carbonate in Core BHC1. E. Gamma log for Angel-1 (see Fig. F5). Vertical scale for B, C, D, and E is in meters and Cores BCH4, BCH1, and the Angel-1 well are ~50 m apart (Gallagher et al., in press).

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