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Figure F5. Correlation of gamma logs from eight wells (locations on Fig. F1) in the NWS (modified from Gallagher et al., in press). The vertical scale is in meters and the seabed is indicated. The top Miocene/base Pliocene (orange) is based on age data (green numbers) from Gallagher et al. (2009) for Goodwyn-7 and Goodwyn-6 and unpublished biostratigraphic data from sidewall cores in Fisher-1 well (adjacent to Site NWS-3A). The base of the Pliocene is poorly defined in Morangie-1 (adjacent to Site NWS-5A) and Houtman-1 (adjacent to Site NWS-6A) wells. However, well completion data suggest that it is ~500 meters below sea level. Additional stratigraphic data for Angel-1 well are shown in Figure F3. Black arrow = a possible correlation point in the Middle Pleistocene. The 0.6 (Ma) correlation datum is interpreted from stratigraphic data in Figure F6. The log data are corrected for borehole width effects. FM = formation.

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