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Figure F7. Primary Site NWS-4A (yellow star; adjacent industry well West Tryal Rocks-1 is also shown) on an interpreted seismic profile (A–A¢) with “fossil” reefs (light green). See Gallagher et al. (2009) for age-depth model (from cuttings) for the five wells: West Tryal Rocks-1 (WTR 1), Tryal Rocks-1 (TR 1), Maitland North-1 (MN 1), Maitland-1 (M 1), and Austin-1 (A 1). The numbers (0.5–4.0) are reflector ages in millions of years. The section location is shown on Figure F1. FM = formation. Adapted from Gallagher et al. (in press).

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