This addendum to the Expedition 359 Scientific Prospectus (Betzler et al., 2014) addresses a modification to the scientific objectives and operations plan of the expedition. After consultation with and direction from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), the Ancillary Proposal 849-APL will not be implemented as part of Expedition 359, and consequently the proposed sites (KK-03A and KK-03B) originally planned for scientific drilling in the Kerala-Konkan Basin have been dropped from the operations plan. Two new sites are proposed and described in this addendum, and a revised operations strategy and time estimates for seven primary sites in the Maldives archipelago are presented (Fig. F1). Also detailed in this addendum is an extension to the total penetration depth at primary proposed Site MAL-02A from 560 to 1010 meters below seafloor (mbsf). All other details contained within the original Scientific Prospectus published by the International Ocean Discovery Program in November 2014 (Betzler et al., 2014) remain the same. A summary of the primary sites targeted for Expedition 359 is shown in Table T1. The operations strategy and time estimates for the primary sites are presented in Table T2.