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Figure F4. A. Published seismic units in the Maldives carbonate edifice: N1–N5, PP from Aubert and Droxler (1996) and E-Mio 1/2, M1–M5, L-Mio 1–LP-P according to Belopolsky and Droxler (2004b). B. Seismic Line NEOMA-P65 (vertical exaggeration = 20×) runs west–east along the South Maalhosmadulu and Goidhoo interatoll channel and crosscuts Kardiva Channel (cf. Figure F1). C. General interpretation from high-resolution seismic data for this study (Betzler et al., 2013a). I = upper Miocene, II = lower Pliocene, III = middle Pliocene, IV = upper Pliocene, V = Pleistocene.

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