Expedition 343T operations

Expedition 343T operations began at sea on 5 July 2012. This expedition was a continuation of JFAST, and the goal was to deploy the MTL observatory, which failed during Expedition 343. Sensors were installed into the tubing on the rig floor on 14 July and lowering the observatory to the seafloor began that evening. The bottom of the observatory tubing entered the wellhead at ~1045 h on 16 July and was lowered into place until the casing hanger met with the seafloor wellhead at ~1730 h. Detachment of the casing running tool was completed at ~1815 h on 16 July. Recovery of the casing running tool continued until 0600 h on 17 July, after which an unsuccessful attempt was made to recover the transponders. The Chikyu began transit to Hachinohe Port at 1245 h, reaching the standby anchoring point at 0900 h on 18 July. The scientists disembarked via harbor boat, ending Expedition 343T at midnight on 19 July.