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The Neogene–Quaternary diatom community of the north central and eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Nordic Seas is well known. Coring during Ocean Drilling Program Legs 151, 161, and 162 provided excellent recovery, allowing a detailed and reliable diatom biostratigraphy to be constructed for the Nordic Seas (Koç and Scherer, 1996; Koç and Flower, 1998; Koç et al., 1999) and the north central Atlantic (Baldauf, 1984, 1987). Less is known, however, about the preserved diatom communities from the high-latitude northwestern Atlantic Ocean. Because of its pelagic character, high rates of Pleistocene sedimentation, and the presence of a highly diversified diatom community (Shipboard Scientific Party, 2005) Sites U1302 and U1303 were chosen for a high-resolution study of the paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic changes that occurred in the high-latitude northwestern Atlantic during the last 1.5 m.y. This report presents the diatom concentration and lists the diatom species preserved in the upper 48 meters composite depth (mcd) of the corrected spliced composite section at Sites U1302 and U1303 near Orphan Knoll in the northwestern Atlantic, off Newfoundland.