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Sites U1302 and U1303

Sites U1302 and U1303, separated by 5.68 km (50°10′N, 48°38.3′W; water depth = ~3560 m), are located close to Orphan Knoll in the northwestern Atlantic, off Newfoundland. Drilling revealed a very similar stratigraphic sequence at both sites. An almost complete composite section was constructed at Site U1302 spanning the interval 0–107 mcd. The density and magnetic susceptibility records from Sites U1302 and U1303 are remarkably similar and can be easily correlated (Shipboard Scientific Party, 2005).

Sediments at Sites U1302 and U1303 are dominated by varying mixtures of terrigenous components and biogenic debris, primarily quartz, detrital carbonate, and nannofossils; therefore, the most common lithologies are clay, silty clay, silty clay with nannofossils, nannofossil silty clay, silty clay nannofossil ooze, and nannofossil ooze with silty clay (Shipboard Scientific Party, 2005). Dropstones are present throughout the cores. Samples from Sites U1302 and U1303 reveal rich assemblages of calcareous, siliceous, and organic-walled microfossils.