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Onshore Science Party, Bremen

The cores and samples collected offshore New Jersey were transported under refrigeration to the IODP Bremen Core Repository and Laboratories in the MARUM building on the campus of Bremen University (Germany). Frozen microbiology samples were forwarded from Bremen to scientists' laboratories in Germany and France by special courier service. NGR logging and thermal conductivity measurements were acquired before the start of the OSP (see the "Methods" chapter). Further analytical laboratories were accessed by agreement with the Department of Geosciences (geochemistry, paleomagnetics, mineralogy [X-ray diffraction], and hydrofluoric acid laboratories) and the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM) (physical properties, micropaleontology, and nondestructive core logging laboratories) at Bremen University.

During the Expedition 313 Onshore Science Party (6 November–4 December 2009), the cores were described in detail and minimum and some standard measurements were made (Table T2). In addition, sampling for postcruise scientific research was also undertaken.