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Data report: magnetic properties of basalts from Shatsky Rise1

Claire Carvallo2 and Pierre Camps3


A detailed study of magnetic properties was carried out on ~60 samples from three holes cored during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 324, Shatsky Rise. The measurements include scanning electron microscopy (SEM), hysteresis, and first-order reversal curve (FORC) diagrams, as well as measurements of susceptibility at high and low temperatures and variation of saturation isothermal magnetization at low temperature. SEM measurements show the presence of a complex mixture of Fe-Ti oxides with various Ti content x, which is confirmed by the measurements of susceptibility variation with temperature and low-temperature measurements. According to FORC diagrams, the magnetization is carried by single-domain to pseudosingle-domain grains.

1 Carvallo, C., and Camps, P., 2013. Data report: magnetic properties of basalts from Shatsky Rise. In Sager, W.W., Sano, T., Geldmacher, J., and the Expedition 324 Scientists, Proc. IODP, 324: Tokyo (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.). doi:10.2204/iodp.proc.324.201.2013

2 Institut de Minéralogie et de Physique de Milieux Condensés, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France.

3 Geosciences Montpellier, CRNS and Université Montpellier 2, Montpellier, France.

Initial receipt: 29 March 2012
Acceptance: 20 November 2012
Publication: 27 February 2013
MS 324-201