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Preliminary pages     HTML | PDF

Expedition reports


Expedition 327 summary    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 327 Scientists

Methods    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 327 Scientists

Site U1362    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 327 Scientists

Site U1301    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 327 Scientists

Site 1027    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 327 Scientists

Site U1363    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 327 Scientists

Preparation and injection of fluid tracers during IODP Expedition 327, eastern flank of Juan de Fuca Ridge    HTML | PDF | Cited by
A.T. Fisher, J. Cowen, C.G. Wheat, and J.F. Clark

Design, deployment, and status of borehole observatory systems used for single-hole and cross-hole experiments, IODP Expedition 327, eastern flank of Juan de Fuca Ridge    HTML | PDF | Cited by
A.T. Fisher, C.G. Wheat, K. Becker, J. Cowen, B. Orcutt, S. Hulme, K. Inderbitzen, A. Haddad, T.L. Pettigrew, E.E. Davis, H. Jannasch, K. Grigar, R. Aduddell, R. Meldrum, R. Macdonald, and K.J. Edwards

Fluid sampling from oceanic borehole observatories: design and methods for CORK activities (1990–2010)    HTML | PDF | Cited by
C.G. Wheat, H.W. Jannasch, M. Kastner, S. Hulme, J. Cowen, K.J. Edwards, B.N. Orcutt, and B. Glazer

Core descriptions

Visual core descriptions (VCDs), smear slide data tables, thin sections, vein log, and core images are included in this section. VCDs, smear slides, thin sections, and vein log are combined into PDF files for each site. The entire set of core images in PDF is available in the IMAGES directory.

Site U1362
Visual core descriptions · Thin sections · Vein log | Errata

Site U1363
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides

Expedition research results

Data reports

Data report: microbial diversity in sediment near Grizzly Bare Seamount in Holes U1363B and U1363G
Sean P. Jungbluth, Lani G.H. Johnson, James P. Cowen, and Michael S. Rappé    HTML | PDF | Cited by

Data report: dissolved and particulate organic carbon in the deep sediments of IODP Site U1363 near Grizzly Bare seamount
Huei-Ting Lin, Chih-Chiang Hsieh, James P. Cowen, and Michael S. Rappé    HTML | PDF | Cited by


See “Syntheses” in the Expedition-related bibliography.

Supplementary material

Supplementary material for this volume includes Hole U1362A alteration log in Excel format, 360° composite image of 327-U1362A-18R whole-round sections in TIF format, photographs of microbiology whole-round samples in PDF format, underwater VIT footage of selected Site U1362 operations in QuickTime format, CORK animation in QuickTime format, CORK assembly footage in MPEG4 format, overview of CORKs and scientific objectives in QuickTime format, selected thin section photomicrographs in TIF format, and Hole U1362A vein log in Excel format (PDF included in “Core descriptions”) (see README.TXT).


Engineering drawings of Hole U1362A and U1362B CORK configurations in PDF format are included for Fisher, Wheat, et al. (2011).


CAD drawings of CORK components in PDF format are included for Wheat et al. (2011).


Drilling location maps

A site map showing the drilling locations for this expedition and maps showing the drilling locations of all Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) drilling sites are available in PDF format. These maps were produced using Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) of Paul Wessel and Walter H.F. Smith (

IODP Expedition 327 site map
IODP map (Expeditions 301–327)
ODP map (Legs 100–210)
DSDP map (Legs 1–96)

Expedition-related bibliography

The Expedition-related bibliography covers IODP, journal, book, and conference publications.