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Dr. Yutaka Aoki

The IODP Expedition 333 volume is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Yutaka Aoki, who died in May 2011 due to blood disease after long-term medical treatment. Dr. Aoki published the first multichannel seismic lines across the Nankai Trough in 1982. These lines clearly demonstrated the nature of imbricate thrusting at the toe of the accretionary prism at a time when these structures had only been inferred from analog seismic lines and drilling data. Dr. Aoki remained actively involved in Nankai studies for many years until his rise to higher levels of management in Japan Petroleum Exploration Company (JAPEX) and JGI, Inc., diminished his time spent on science. Even as President of JGI (2004–2007), however, he was willing to provide guidance and technical assistance for our NanTroSEIZE studies.