Organization of scientific party

In order to cover the above-mentioned objectives and make full use of collected data, the scientific party of Expedition 314 will be organized into five groups, respectively devoted to the following:

      1. Safety monitoring and logging data quality checks and log characterization;
      2. Lithostratigraphy (identification of logging units through visual interpretation and multivariate statistical analysis, lithological interpretation, and sedimentary facies characterization);
      3. Physical properties and hydrogeology (interpretation of physical properties related logging data, estimation of porosity and compaction/consolidation state, and estimation of hydrogeological properties);
      4. Structural analysis (identification and characterization of fault zones, detailed fracture analysis using borehole images, borehole stability, and stress and strain analysis by identification of borehole breakouts); and
      5. Log-seismic integration involving intensive processing of sonic and seismic-while-drilling data, as well as seismic modeling (synthetic seismogram), to improve time-depth relationships and reflector character and attributes.

In addition, specialty coordinators will visit the ship during the expedition and will assist the science party in coordinating data collection between the other susequent expeditions.