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Site U13951

Expedition 340 Scientists2

Background and objectives

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Site U1395 (proposed Site CARI-04D; 16°29.60′N, 61°57.09′W; 1191 meters below sea level [mbsl]) is located between Guadeloupe and Montserrat (Fig. F1).

According to the site survey data, Site U1395 is located beside Deposit 2. Seismic reflection profiles indicated that drilling at Site U1395 could penetrate a succession of hemipelagic sediment and turbidites. The proposed total depth for this site was 244 meters below seafloor (mbsf).

The objective for Site U1395 was to characterize the sedimentation processes related to volcanic activity in the Bouillante–Montserrat half graben. We planned to drill through hemipelagic sediment, turbidites, and tephra to retrieve a complete record of sediment. Work around the Canary Islands has shown that distal volcaniclastic turbidites generated by collapse events can be used to study the gross character of landslide emplacement (Wynn and Masson, 2003; Hunt et al., 2011). Results from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Hole 1223A off Hawaii identified the association of several turbiditic deposits with landslides, showing that the Koolau Volcano collapsed repeatedly and that landslides constituted a greater risk than previously thought (Garcia et al., 2006). Analysis of cores taken during the JCR123 cruise suggests that distal turbidites associated with Montserrat provide a record of all main pyroclastic flow events that entered the ocean during the current eruptive phase (since 1995). Information from these cores also records the waxing and waning phases of individual dome collapses (Trofimovs et al., 2006). Turbidites in cores recovered from this site should therefore provide a record of dome and flank collapses. With the retrieved material, it will also be possible to better constrain the long-term sedimentation rate in the northern part of the arc.

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2Expedition 340 Scientists’ addresses.

Publication: 17 August 2013
MS 340-105