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Samples were provided by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program and were primarily sampled during the postcruise sampling party in February 2013 with the generous support of the Bremen Core Repository, including shore-based party members Ursula Röhl and Thomas Westerhold; Repository Staff Walter Hale, Alex Wülbers, and their team; and Expedition 342 Expedition Project Manager Peter Blum. Many thanks also to the teams that processed samples in labs including Klara Hajnal (Stockholm University), Tobias Hens (Heidelberg University), Megan Spencer (National Oceanography Centre Southampton), and the Hull washing laboratory at Yale (including long-term team members Rebecca Dendy, Rachelle Graham, Corrin Laposki, Molly Mullen, Emma Tipton, and Thanh Tran). This report was improved by careful reviews from Paul Pearson and Peter Blum, for which we are grateful. Funding was provided by grants including NSF Award 1335261 to Hull, Norris, and Zachos; German Research Foundation grant OF 2544/2 to Friedrich; and ERC Consolidator Grant 617462 “EarthSequencing” to Pälike.