Site summaries

Hole C0002F

Priority: Primary: Chikyu Expedition 348 (riser)
Position: 33°18.507′N, 136°38.2029′E
Water depth (m): 1968
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 3600
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 7000
Survey coverage: (track map; seismic profile): Extensive data from 3-D seismic data:
• In-line 2553
• Cross Line 6228
Objective(s): • Drill and case hole
• Take cuttings and core samples to define lithostratigraphy, physical properties, and composition
• Constrain in situ stress and pore pressure
• Prepare hole for future expedition
Drilling, coring, and downhole measurement program: Chikyu Expedition 348:
• RCB coring (2300–2400 mbsf)
• Cuttings analysis
• Mud gas analysis
Anticipated lithology: Hemipelagic mud, mudstone, and siltstone/sandstone