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Appendix A

This appendix contains depth map tables for the analyzed interval in Holes M0027A and M0028A and M0029A. There is a table for each site to enable straightforward depth mapping between expedition core depths (CSF-A), expanded depths (CSF-append if long), and scaled depths (CSF-B), provided any data being analyzed is associated with its core label in identical format. See Tables AT1 (Site M0027), AT2 (M0028) and AT3 (M0029).

Appendix B

This appendix contains XRF core data normalized to total counts. Selected ratios are shown as downhole plots for Holes M0027A (Fig. BF1), M0028A (Fig. BF2),and M0029A(Fig. BF3). Data for the plots are shown in Tables BT1, BT2, and BT3. Data for elements that are deemed unreliable for publication have been removed.

Appendix C

This appendix contains XRF sample data for the major element oxides and trace elements. Data are shown downhole as plots for Holes M0027A (Fig. CF1), M0028A (Fig. CF2), and M0029A (Fig. CF3).Data for the plots are shown in Tables CT1, CT2, and CT3. Data for elements that have low concentrations or are otherwise unsuitable for analysis (that have been taken out of the downhole plots, analyses, and discussions) are indicated in the table.

Appendix D

This appendix contains statistical analyses for Holes M0027A, M0028A, and M0029A as correlation plots (Figs. DF1, DF2, DF3) and PCA analyses on XRF sample data (Figs. DF4, DF5, DF6), displaying the first 11 principal components, sorted in descending order of absolute magnitude of the first principal component and a list on the right sorted in descending order of importance to the second principal component. Below each summary table, the results are displayed as a plot of the first two principal components. For the correlation plots, major element oxides are listed omitting the oxide on the correlation plots due to space.

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