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Data report: Mg/Ca values of Globorotalia tumida from early Pliocene to present, Site U13381

Heather L. Ford,2, 3 A. Christina Ravelo,2 Briana Ramirez,4 Taylor Akers,2 and Olivia Krzeminski2


The equatorial Pacific thermocline is a critical component in determining the ocean-atmosphere interactions of the tropics. During the Pliocene warm period, the tropical thermocline was warm and/or deep and shoaled toward present day. Here we use Mg/Ca values of subsurface-dwelling Globorotalia tumida to reconstruct subsurface temperatures at Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site U1338.

1Ford, H.L., Ravelo, A.C., Ramirez, B., Akers, T., and Krzeminski, O., 2018. Data report: Mg/Ca values of Globorotalia tumida from early Pliocene to present, Site U1338. In Pälike, H., Lyle, M., Nishi, H., Raffi, I., Gamage, K., Klaus, A., and the Expedition 320/321 Scientists, Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, 320/321: Tokyo (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.).

2Department of Ocean Sciences, University of California Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz CA 95064, USA.

3 Present address: Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB2 3EQ, United Kingdom.

4 Department of Physical and Environmental Science, St. Mary’s University, One Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio TX 78228, USA.

Initial receipt: 23 August 2017
Acceptance: 18 January 2018
Publication: 26 February 2018
MS 320321-220