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Preliminary pages     HTML | PDF

Expedition reports


Expedition 320/321 summary    HTML | PDF
H. Pälike, H. Nishi, M. Lyle, I. Raffi, K. Gamage, A. Klaus, and the Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Methods    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Site U1331    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Site U1332    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Site U1333    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Site U1334    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Site U1335    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Site U1336    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Site U1337    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Site U1338    HTML | PDF
Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Core descriptions

Visual core descriptions (VCDs), smear slide data tables, thin sections, chert/porcellanite and lithology logs, and digital images are included in this section. VCDs, smear slides, and thin sections are combined into a single PDF file for each site. The entire set of core images in PDF are available in the IMAGES directory.

Site U1331
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides · Thin sections · Chert/Porcellanite log

Site U1332
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides · Thin sections · Chert/Porcellanite log

Site U1333
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides · Thin sections · Chert/Porcellanite log

Site U1334
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides

Site U1335
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides · Lithology log

Site U1336
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides · Thin sections · Chert/Porcellanite log

Site U1337
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides

Site U1338
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides

Expedition research results

Data reports

Data report: raw and normalized elemental data along the Site U1338 splice from X-ray fluorescence scanning    HTML | PDF
Mitchell Lyle, Annette Olivarez Lyle, Thomas Gorgas, Ann Holbourn, Thomas Westerhold, Ed Hathorne, Katsunori Kimoto, and Shinya Yamamoto

Data report: early to middle Eocene radiolarian biostratigraphy, IODP Expedition 320 Site U1331, eastern equatorial Pacific    
 Oversized material
Shin-ichi Kamikuri, Theodore C. Moore, Kaoru Ogane, Noritoshi Suzuki, Heiko Pälike, and Hiroshi Nishi

Data report: radiolarian stratigraphy across the Eocene/Oligocene boundary in the equatorial Pacific, Sites 1218, U1333, and U13341     HTML | PDF Oversized material
Theodore C. Moore and Shin-ichi Kamikuri

Data report: volcanic glass shards from the Eocene–Oligocene transition interval at Site U1333    HTML | PDF
Junichiro Kuroda and Thomas Westerhold

Data report: temporal variation in natural remanent magnetization observed for Pacific plate basement rocks: compilation from legacy data and new paleomagnetism and rock magnetism data from seafloor basalts cored during Expedition 320/321    HTML | PDF
Yuhji Yamamoto

Data report: biogenic silica deposition in the eastern equatorial Pacific    HTML | PDF
Oscar E. Romero

Data report: revised composite depth scales for Sites U1336, U1337, and U1338    HTML | PDF
Roy H. Wilkens, Gerald R. Dickens, Jun Tian, Jan Backman, and the Expedition 320/321 Scientists

Data report: Monte Carlo correlation of sediment records from core and downhole log measurements at Sites U1337 and U1338 (IODP Expedition 321)    HTML | PDF
Alberto Malinverno

Data report: calibration of XRF-estimated CaCO3 along the Site U1338 splice    HTML | PDF
Mitchell Lyle and Jan Backman

Data report: pore water nitrate and silicate concentrations for Expedition 320/321 Pacific Equatorial Age Transect    HTML | PDF
Wendy E.C. Kordesch and Margaret L. Delaney

Data report: microbial abundance in subseafloor sediments of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, Expedition 320/321    HTML | PDF
Jens Kallmeyer

Data report: stable isotope composition of Eocene bulk carbonate at Sites U1331, U1332, and U1333    HTML | PDF
Lizette Leon-Rodriguez and Gerald R. Dickens

Data report: early to middle Eocene benthic foraminifers at Sites U1331 and U1333, equatorial central Pacific Ocean, Expedition 320/321    HTML | PDF
Ritsuo Nomura, Hiroyuki Takata, and Akira Tsujimoto

Data report: diatoms from Sites U1334 and U1338, Expedition 320/321    HTML | PDF Oversized material
Jack G. Baldauf


Revised composite depth scales and integration of IODP Sites U1331–U1334 and ODP Sites 1218–1220    HTML | PDF
Thomas Westerhold, Ursula Röhl, Roy Wilkens, Heiko Pälike, Mitch Lyle, Tom Dunkley Jones, Paul Bown, Ted Moore, Shin-ichi Kamikuri, Gary Acton, Christian Ohneiser, Yuhji Yamamoto, Carl Richter, Peter Fitch, Howie Scher, Diederik Liebrand, and the Expedition 320/321 Scientists

See "Syntheses" in the Expedition-related bibliography.

Supplementary material

Supplementary material for this volume includes biostratigraphy (age datums in Microsoft Excel and Word formats) and paleomagnetism data in Microsoft Excel (see README.TXT).


Composite data for gamma ray attenuation (GRA) density and magnetic susceptibility (MS) from Sites U1331, U1332, U1333, and U1334 and composite data for GRA density, MS, and virtual geomagnetic pole (VGP) latitude from Sites 1218, 1219, and 1220 are included in Microsoft Excel format for Westerhold et al. (2012).


XRF data are included in Microsoft Excel format for Lyle et al. (2012).


Data for total number of radiolarians, silicoflagellates, and diatoms observed at Site U1334, representing the Eocene–Oligocene transition, are included in Microsoft Excel fromat for Baldauf (2013).


Drilling location maps

A site map showing the drilling locations for this expedition and maps showing the drilling locations of all Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) drilling sites are available in PDF format. These maps were produced using Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) of Paul Wessel and Walter H.F. Smith (

IODP Expedition 320/321 site map
IODP map (Expeditions 301–312, 314–316, and 319–321)
ODP map (Legs 100–210)
DSDP map (Legs 1–96)

Expedition-related bibliography

The Expedition-related bibliography covers IODP, journal, book, and conference publications.