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Preliminary pages     HTML | PDF

Expedition reports


Expedition 341 summary    HTML | PDF | Errata | Cited by
J.M. Jaeger et al.

Methods    HTML | PDF | Cited by
J.M. Jaeger et al.

Site U1417    HTML | PDF | Oversized material | Cited by
J.M. Jaeger et al.

Site U1418    HTML | PDF | Oversized material | Cited by
J.M. Jaeger et al.

Site U1419    HTML | PDF | Oversized material | Cited by
J.M. Jaeger et al.

Site U1420    HTML | PDF | Oversized material | Cited by
J.M. Jaeger et al.

Site U1421    HTML | PDF | Errata | Oversized material | Cited by
J.M. Jaeger et al.

Core descriptions

Visual core descriptions (VCDs), smear slide data, thin section data, and core images are included in this section. VCDs, smear slides, and thin sections are combined into PDF files for each site. The entire set of core images in PDF is available in the IMAGES directory.

Site U1417
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides · Thin sections

Site U1418
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides · Thin sections

Site U1419
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides · Thin section

Site U1420
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides

Site U1421
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides

Expedition research results

Data reports

Data report: permeability, consolidation properties, and grain size of sediments from Sites U1420 and U1421, offshore southern Alaska   HTML | PDF | Cited by
Hugh Daigle and Olivia L. Piña

Data report: permeability, grain size, biogenic silica, and clay minerals of Expedition 341 sediments from Sites U1417 and U1418   HTML | PDF | Cited by
Elizabeth J. Screaton, Tania Villaseñor, Stephanie R. James, Lanie N. Meridth, John M. Jaeger, and William F. Kenney

Data report: X-ray florescence scanning of sediment cores, Site U1419, Gulf of Alaska   HTML | PDF | Cited by
Michelle Penkrot, Leah J. LeVay, and John M. Jaeger

Data report: core-log-seismic integration and time-depth relationships at IODP Expedition 341 Southern Alaska Margin Sites U1420 and U1421, Bering Trough, Gulf of Alaska   HTML | PDF | Cited by
Wesley A. Clary, Lindsay L. Worthington, Angela L. Slagle, and Hugh Daigle

Data report: calcareous nannofossils and bulk calcium carbonate measurements from IODP Expedition 341, Site U1418, Gulf of Alaska   HTML | PDF | Cited by
Inva Braha, Emily Hager-Hahn, and Leah J. LeVay

Data report: wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence-based geochemical data at Site U1418, IODP Expedition 341, Gulf of Alaska   HTML | PDF | Cited by
Mark Zindorf, Christian März, and Bernhard Schnetger

Supplementary material

Supplementary material for this volume includes diatom and radiolarian counts in PDF, range charts in CSV format, handwritten core descriptions in PDF, and information on the volumetric normalization of physical properties data in Word and Excel formats. See README.TXT in the SUPP_MAT directory for a full listing of directories and files.




Complete experiment data for consolidation and grain size are provided in Microsoft Excel format for Daigle and Piña (2016).



Downhole and box and whisker plots are included in PNG format and XRF data are included in CSV format for Penkrot et al. (2017).




XRF data are provided in Microsoft Excel format for Zindorf et al. (2020).


Drilling location maps

A site map showing the drilling locations for this expedition and maps showing the drilling locations of all Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) drilling sites are available in PDF format. These maps were produced using Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) of Paul Wessel and Walter H.F. Smith (

IODP Expedition 341 site map
IODP map (Expeditions 301–345)
ODP map (Legs 100–210)
DSDP map (Legs 1–96)

Expedition-related bibliography

The Expedition-related bibliography covers IODP, journal, book, and conference publications.